Buy cheap ammo online at, America's Pro-Freedom Ammunition Source. gt; Marketplace gt; Commercial Sales: PPU M855 62 gr. 5.56mm at Ammo to Go ... 62gr M855 Penetrator Ammo (pp5.6) = $439.80 1 x 200rds - .308 Prvi Partizan 145gr.

Who is selling m995 ammo(5.56)?Or wher can it be found? ... Yes after doing some research,it is not for sale.legally.

Occasionally, small quantities of this gets traded back to ammo dealers, and become available for civilian sales. Q. Where can I get some M995 AP?

what is this then,it says 7n6 ps 5.45x39 Original Russian Military Ammo 5.45 x 39 ... This is original Russian Military 5.45x39 FMJ in 2 sealed tins ...

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